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Washington, DC.- Barcelona is one of the most attractive tourist destinations for Americans. Since I arrived to the States, on August 2007, there has not been a conversation with locals in which they have not said something beautiful about the capital of Catalonia. Gaudí, Las Ramblas, and the Catalan food are, among others, the three most referenced icons of the city for them.

Especially this year, Barcelona has jumped over other Europe tourist destinations thanks to the last movie of the New Yorker Woody Allen, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I could say without a question that 90 percent of the Americans who I have talked with have been in Barcelona, at least once.

In this context, the today’s New York Times edition publish an interesting article about the city, “36 hours in Barcelona”. The story suggest a three-day trip in the city, mostly in Ciutat Vella, Barceloneta, and El Raval neighborhoods, where the visitor can enjoy some of its best restaurants, bars and designer shops.

I really believe that it is interesting, even for locals.

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  1. >Gus!! I’ve enjoy very much the article even its lenghht! I would like you to write more often in english!see you soon and once again congratulations for your writings!

  2. >Barcelona is a great city for tourism, hands down.I, as a tourist, enjoy the food, the girls, the weather, my friends and many other things it can deliver.The only problem is sustainability for the ones living there due to a huge disconnection between salaries and cost of living. A disconnection that looking into the future, will create a bigger gap between high and lower class. For the ones visiting it will still be great. for the ones living, a nightmare…Bottom line, globalization will save the city (foreign investment and tourism), but having a nice city does not ensure a good future for its people. Politicians need to do something or Barcelona will become a destination rather than a household…luisao

  3. >Luisao is right: a cool city to visit, a nightmare to live in. As I explained here some time ago, the city is totally tourist-oriented; thus, those staying in Barcelona for only a few days have the chance to enjoy the good of it. On the contrary, those who live in it must confront the many problems of the city, which no local polititian seems able to solve.Un desastre de ciutat; te n’adones quan hi vius.Tens un blog interessant, que he descobert gràcies a La Vanguardia. T’aniré seguint.Salut.

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